New Šaumburk Castle ruins

Mere hints in the terrain now remind us of the ruined New Šaumburk Castle that managed to survive only for a century. In 1451, the building was bought by Jan of Cimburg and demolished. The area is freely accessible.

Šaumburk Castle ruins

Built after 1572. The last dates back to 1325. The castle was subsequently abandoned, despite previous repair. Remains of relief buildings, embankments, and moats survived to this day.


A tourist and skiing centre. It’s located, just as the neighbouring Troják, by the road from Bystřice pod Hostýnem to Vsetín. Offers paths suitable to hiking, bicycle touring, and ski touring.


This tourist and skiing centre in Hostýnské vrchy, situated at the border between three regions – Kroměřížsko, Zlínsko, and Wallachia –, is a starting point for various year-round outdoor activities. Offers ski hire and skiing school services.

The Kelčský Javorník observation tower

Climb 156 steps to find your way at the top of a beautiful new observation tower, located at the highest place in Hostýnské vrchy. The tower has three landings with gorgeous views and is 35 meters tall. Access is free of charge.

The Kelčský Javorník nature reserve

Come to the northern hillside beyond the Rajnochovice village and visit the local 122 ha nature reserve. The reason for nature conservation lies in existing remains of a natural mixed forest which approaches a rainforest in character.

Saint Hostýn

A significant Marian place of pilgrimage with a baroque Assumption of Virgin Mary basilica. Stations of the Cross by Dušon Jurkovič is also located here, along with a museum or stone observation tower with a wind power plant nearby.

The Bystřice pod Hostýnem castle

The castle, originally built in the middle of the 15th century, was gradually completed until it gained its current form. The museum of Thonet’s bent wood furniture is located here.

Church of the Nativity of Virgin Mary and Saint Anne
in Rajnochovice

The pilgrimage church in Rajnochovice is a baroque-style building with a small tower, built in 1717. It’s a protected historical monument; just as the 1747 cross with a chronogram, and the 1815 Piety statue in front of the church.

The Kopaná natural spring

This rich source of excellent drinking water is situated right by the road from Rajnochovice to Košovy. There’s a small pond right beside the Kopaná natural spring.

Natural Spring of St. Anne

Two kilometres off the Kopaná natural spring, there’s the Natural Spring of St. Anne where, as legends tell us, the last Knight Templar from the Šaumburk Castle allegedly hid.

The Bílová clearings

Local deforested flat hills and plateaus with one-time farmsteads are a remnant of the now extinct forest clearing industry. The Bílová clearings offer a fantastic view of the Rosošenka valley.


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Place for your experiences

Recharge your batteries in the pure wilds of Hostýnské vrchy. Whether you come to relax or get a hard workout, Pod Šaumburkem is just the right place for you. We offer you a hiking-type accommodation on the edge of the forest which is perfect for hiking, bicycle touring, pram walks, or Nordic walking. The nearby Troják and Tesák skiing centres provide visitors with all manner of winter merriment.


Pod Šaumburkem
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